At LEGENDS®, your pet’s health and well-being are our top priority. But not only do we care about home pets; we also feel it our responsibility to extend some of this love and care to the less fortunate shelter cats and dogs. We want them to feel as special as possible until they find their way to their forever, loving homes.  And that’s how the idea of our “LEGENDS® GIVE & CARE” program was born and YOU can be a major part of it. Actually, YOU are the first link in a chain of love and care that aims at the benefit of shelter animals. You must be wondering “How is that possible?”  


Well, for every purchase of LEGENDS®, we at LEGENDS® will donate to the animal shelters 5% of the quantity you bought. This applies whether that purchase was done online or off-line, i.e., at any of the outlets selling LEGENDS and on an ongoing basis as long as the program is in place.

To make sure the program is implemented right, LEGENDS® has selected reputable shelters that are providing the right conditions (medically and otherwise) for their pets and give them LEGENDS pet food within the donated quantity (10% of our total sales in volume).

Not only does LEGENDS® provide food for shelter animals, but it will be actively involved in helping shelters find loving homes for their pets by putting their pictures on our social media platforms. This will be doubly beneficial as it should help pet lovers to find the pet they have been looking for and on the other hand, help shelters increase their capacity to accommodate more pets. All You need to do is to click on the pet’s picture which will show the shelter’s contacts, so you can start and arrange the adoption process directly with the shelter.